KittyCats! Winter Decoration Contest!! Purrrrssssss…..

05 Dec

OoOoOoOh!! I am sooo excited!!
I feel like in a KittyCats! Winterland Queen!!

There is really a Kitty Claus ’cause my dreams came true!! Yusss! I am part of the KittyCats! Winter decoration contest and I couldn’t be happier and merrier!! I don’t even mind the other cats my human included in the contest! Nope! I don’t at all! Why? ‘Cause I am cute me!! But you know that already!! purrssss…

My human did a great job but there are other contestants with such beautiful displays! I personally think the judges and the KittyCats! community will have a tough time deciding! All decorations are worthy of a big, fat crown!! purrrssss… everyone’s done a great job and O.M.G. the KittyCats! Winterland sim!!
Simply amazing!!!

Yuss, yess, purrrss… I did take photos!! But, first, let me explain what happened.

My human was setting up the display and she took us all with her, plus too extra ones, I called them cameo role ones ’cause I think we had enough with Bali, Kitty Kisses and well… ME, of course! In fact, had I been on my own disaster would have never happened!

I wanted to take pictures of everything my human was doing, and I figured, why not put the other KittyCats! to work too? I mean, I don’t need to be doing any heavy lifting!! Not me! So I told Queen Victoria (Queen? Queen of what exactly? Only queen here is me!) to help Kitty Kisses, Bali and King Arthur (King Arthur is really a Royal King, can’t really say he’s not the King) to add yummies to the Christmas tree, like Kibbles and milk!! I’m sure Santa would love those as much as we do!

Well… Miss Queenie (Victoria), grabbed a pillow backet, ’cause our tree is so tall and beautiful, and she stood on it to help up Kitty Kisses and bali with the kibble and milk boxes. Now, here comes Kitty Kisses, climbs up on Queen Victoria, and then Bali follows suit. Queen Victoria passed the kibble box first, while King Arthur climbed the tree to place the kibble box over the Christmas tree star (Really, shouldn’t the kibble box belong there?). Kitty Kisses grabbed the box and passed it to Bali (great job there, really).

It was then that I looked at the pillow basquet and how it started to move, and I saw Queen Victoria struggling with the weight on her shoulders (really, why not leave the job to bali who is at least a male!). But no, she had to be her show off self. Oh well, she wanted it that way. I climbed up on James Dean’s tail, ’cause he’s da’ man!! A Megapuss, super huge KittyCats! and I figured that on top of his tail I would grab a better picture (I was right, btw).

And then it happened. The pillow basquet wibbled!, Queen Victoria lost grab (bad nail work, I would think), and like a domino effect, everyone started to crumble down!! The milk flew off Queen Victoria’s hands as she slipped, Kitty Kisses (poor kitty) started falling forward and Bali, oh Bali, (insert laugh here, ’cause he deserves it) lost balance and out of his paws flew the kibble box into the air. He did make an effort because King Arthur, with his amazing climbing skills (not as good as mine, of course) came to the rescue and tried to grab the kibble box, but I suppose it was an impossible task.

Yep, I have proof of this because I snapped photos, while chuckling ’cause it was just too funny! Just take a look!

Queen Victoria slipping… milk carton bye bye…

Hehehe… Kitty Kisses lost it here… no kisses for anyone (she can’t multitask).

Domino effect… Bali goes off into thin air. (Check out Kitty Kisses, hiss hiss, not her most adorable pose, really).

hahaha!! Bali’s flying along with the kibble box and poor King Arthur is trying to save the day!

Oh well… (sighs)… King Arthur did try… maybe he is too Royal for this kind of job… (just sayin’)

And where am I? Taking pictures!! But my human’s did take some shots of me (and the whole mess), so, what’s a post without me in it? Could someone please tell me? purrrsss… I know, I know… Don’t get impatient, I have it all covered!

A split second of shock before starting shooting pictures!! (LOL)

Okay, now I will share my human’s pictures otherwise she will not be a happy camper. She says it all can’t be about us? Is there anything else but us KittyCats!? Alright, here is the display she did during chaos:

Display at KittyCats! Winterland Sim for KittyCats! Winter Decoration Contest.

Display close up… nice mess!

My Human does try to make good pictures like me, but…

Yikes! Take cover!!

My camera is too cute! And so am I!

Tumble, tumble… tumbling down!

Rawr! James Dean is a super cat!! Purrsss… Nice tail too!

I wanted to be the gift bearer, since I made the giftie and all, you know? But, my human decided James Dean needed to be the gift bearer. I suppose, being James Dean such a fat KittyCats! he deserved the role of Kitty Claus! hehehe…. 😀

And…. even in the KittyCats! Winter Decoration Contest, Lucio gets to be my neighbor! Ugh, such luck!
Her human made a wonderful and delightful display, and just because of it, I am quite happy. ‘Cause Santa’s workshop is right next door!!… I will come visit Lucio and pull his tail just for fun.
This is Lucio’s human display. Santa’s Workshop!!

Like I said, I am enjoying my time out of home!! Lots of really nice people are coming by to see us (Me mostly), and I have met really adorable people and kids! In fact, I met Cami Mithaleil, such a cutie!! And she was so kind as to share her own KittyCats! picture with me and I thought, omahgosh! How nice and sweet of her! Reason why I am not closing this post without showing you Cami’s gorgeous KittyCats! Misty:

Misty – Cami’s KittyCats!!

Okay, okay, I know I ramble a lot, but I’m so excited!! Come visit me at the KittyCats! Winterland. I would love to meet you all!! Here is the Landmark (SLURL):

Don’t miss it!! It is so lovely and so much fun over here!

Ruby Tuesday

PS. KittyCats! Winter Decoration Contest is sponsored by KittyCats! Thank you KittyCats!!


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